Monday, October 14, 2013

Set list for yesterday's S.S. Brooklyn CD release concert

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the release of S.S. Brooklyn with me at Shapeshifter Lab yesterday! And special thanks to Gabby and Adam and the rest of the Hip Tot crew for putting on such a great event.

photo by David Stack (@posterband on Twitter)

I played nearly the whole album with the help of my fabulous band:
Anand Mukherjee (founding member of the Deedle Deedle Dees along with me) - guitar
Ely Levin (a Dee since almost the beginning) - drums
Deidre Rodman-Struck (of the Itty Biddies and the Lascivious Biddies) - piano, melodica
Katie Mullins - vocals

Here's what we played and who guested on each tune.

1. I'm Gonna Light Up the World  Deidre - keys, vocals
Katie - vocals

2. Big Trip 

3. Working on a Bridge  Katie - vocals, Deidre - keys and vocals

4. Carroll Street Bridge - Deidre on melodica

5. Gowanus Canal
Katie - vocals    Ely - drums
Muk - guitar, vocals      Oscar Mukherjee and Grant Phipps-Miller on hand drums

6. Brooklyn by Bike Ely - toy glock, Muk - guitar

7. This Little Light of Mine    Deidre - vocals

8. Hi Hi Ya Henry  Muk - guitar, vocals
Ely - drums, vocals             Deidre - keys, vocals

9. S.S. Brooklyn   Deidre - vocals

10. Sing-a-long Song   Katie - vocals

11. I'm a Duck! - Grant Phipps-Miller on vocals

12. I'm a Rat 

13. Seventeen Years (a cicada love song)   Deidre - keys

14. Do the Tub-Tub-Tubman    Muk - guitar, vocals
Ely - drums, vocals            Deidre - keys, vocals           Katie - vocals

15. Honk Honk (Major Deegan)  Muk - guitar, vocals          

Ely - drums, vocals                   Deidre and Katie - vocals

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