Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday and Friday sing-a-long updates

Thursday at Dean Street Restaurant is on. We're going to do the regular sing at 10:30 then another at 11:15 to accommodate older siblings etc who might want to come as a a result of the school closings. Bring the family.

Friday's sing at Play Kids in Lefferts Gardens (10 am) will happen as usual. I'll sub for Chris (who lives in Lower Manhattan and still doesn't have power).

Friday's sing-a-long with Ari Brand at the Knitting Factory (11am) unfortunately has to be canceled because there won't be anyone to let us in.

Thanks to everybody who came out to our impromptu sing-a-longs at Midwood Martial Arts and Lark Cafe. And apologies to everybody who didn't get the word about today's Knitting Factory cancellation. I was posting via my phone, etc., responding to parent and babysitter texts + tweeting and Facebooking all morning but I'm sure not everyone got the message.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Sing-a-long storm plans

Here's my tentative plan:

Tuesday at 10 at Two Moon - canceled
Now that subways and schools are officially shut down for Tuesday I think it's best if I call this one now.

Wednesday at 11 at the Knitting Factory
I'm planning on doing this one. But check this page to find out for sure. If nothing is posted it means I don't have internet service. If I don't have internet, the sing-a-long won't be happening.

You can also try texting or e-mailing me (see below). If I don't get back to you, it means I don't have phone service.

Thursday at 10:30 at Dean Street
Ditto Wednesday.

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