Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Sing-a-long schedule

Here's my sing-a-long schedule for the next two weeks. A couple of my regular sings aren't happening and one will be covered by a sub (a great one).

Monday, Nov 25 NO SING-A-LONG

Tuesday, Nov 26 Sing-a-long with Lloyd at Five Spot Soul Food, Clinton Hill, 11:30am

Wednesday, Nov 27 Sing-a-long with Mary Jo at the Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, 11am

Thursday, Nov 28 NO SING-A-LONG 

Friday, Nov 29 NO SING-A-LONG

Monday, Dec 2 - Sing-a-lunch with Lloyd at Kettle Black (Bay Ridge) is back! 11:30am 

Tuesday, Dec 3 - Sing-a-long with Lloyd at Five Spot Soul Food, Clinton Hill, 11:30am

Wednesday, Dec 4 - Sing-a-long with Lloyd at Knitting Factory, Williamsburg, 11am

Thursday, Dec 5 - Sing-a-long with Lloyd at Dean Street, Prospect Heights, 10:30am

Friday, Dec 6 - Sing-a-long with Lloyd at Lark, Ditmas Park, 10am

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah!

"King Kong Kitchie" is only free to download til the end of the weekend

"King Kong Kitchie," an unreleased track from the S.S. Brooklyn sessions, is free to download until Sunday at midnight. Go get it! It's part of the "Stay Healthy and Fit for the Holidays" playlist Beth Blenz-Clucas put together for Macaroni Kid.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Write a verse for my Sandy song

I'm writing a song about Hurricane Sandy... with you. Watch this video where I give you the basic idea then send me your own verse. Send it via video preferably. If you're so shy you can't make a video (come on!) send me an audio recording or, worst case, lyrics by e-mail.

Ideal would be if you would come sing your verse with me at the Brooklyn Historical Society on December 7th. I'm doing an event called Songs of Sandy & the Sea and I'll performing this song for the first time in its fully-realized community-written form. Please join me! I really want you to.

You can send videos to lloydhmiller AT gmail DOT com. Or post 'em on YouTube and send me the link.

Need help? E-mail me. I'll post more tutorials where I explain how to play the chords on different instruments. If you live in Brooklyn I'll even meet you in person to teach you how to play the song.


Friday, November 8, 2013

New sing-a-long in Clinton Hill

I just started doing a new sing-a-long in Clinton Hill. It's in a lovely space, the high-ceilinged and expansive Five Spot soul food restaurant / night spot. The room has a vintage stage, antique furniture, and a nice big space for kids to sprawl and dance.

This sing-a-long is $10 a family (yes, more than any of my others) but it includes a free buffet. The spread includes homemade cornbread and muffins, fresh fruit, drinks for the kids, and more.

Come check it out. Tuesdays at 11:30am.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A literary biking map of Brooklyn

My sing-a-long variety show debuts at the Brooklyn Historical Society today. It's a celebration of walking, running, and biking in Brooklyn. 

As a little gift to everyone who comes to the show -- and to anyone who wants it -- I made a bike map of sites connected to living Brooklyn authors. Print it out -- or better yet just look at it on your smartphone or iPad -- you can zoom in, scroll around, etc. 


Friday, November 1, 2013

Lloyd's new family series at Brooklyn Historical Society in the New York Times

Sing Back, Brooklyn! (my new sing-a-long variety show) starts tomorrow at the Brooklyn Historical Society. The New York Times wrote a nice thing about it here.