Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Write a verse for my Sandy song

I'm writing a song about Hurricane Sandy... with you. Watch this video where I give you the basic idea then send me your own verse. Send it via video preferably. If you're so shy you can't make a video (come on!) send me an audio recording or, worst case, lyrics by e-mail.

Ideal would be if you would come sing your verse with me at the Brooklyn Historical Society on December 7th. I'm doing an event called Songs of Sandy & the Sea and I'll performing this song for the first time in its fully-realized community-written form. Please join me! I really want you to.

You can send videos to lloydhmiller AT gmail DOT com. Or post 'em on YouTube and send me the link.

Need help? E-mail me. I'll post more tutorials where I explain how to play the chords on different instruments. If you live in Brooklyn I'll even meet you in person to teach you how to play the song.


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