Sunday, June 26, 2016

Daily videos + streaming sing-a-longs this summer

Today, I posted video #7 of my Summer of Song. Every day I'm going to put up a different song every day until Labor Day on this YouTube playlist. Thanks, everybody, who's been watching and commenting! 

I'm also going to be doing live streaming sing-a-longs. I did a bunch of test ones this past week and this upcoming one I'm going to try to do some regularly scheduled live sing-a-longs. Here are the times:

Tuesdays at ~ 10:30 / 11
Fridays at ~ 10 / 10:30

Why are the times not exact? Well, my schedule and wireless connections aren't consistent this summer so I have to keep my start times approximate due to all the variables related to these things. 

You can find the sing-a-longs on my Facebook page. Give my page a "Like" and you'll be notified every time I go live (in addition to the scheduled sing-a-longs, sometimes I go live impromptu). 

Please spread the word about all of this and send me your requests! You can e-mail me at lloydhmiller AT gmail, comment or DM me on FB, or shout at me on Twitter.