Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Online sing-a-long July 22nd

I'm going to do my first online sing-a-long on Tuesday, July 22nd at 11am. Hopefully the first of many.

Will you tune in? Just head over to Concert Window and follow their instructions in order to buy tickets. This first one is pay what you want (minimum $1).

Be part of history! Seriously. I'm planning to do a lot of these and I need your input on this first attempt. I've got all sorts of things to configure-- camera placement, lighting, microphone set-up, equipment I plug into my laptop-- and really only you, the viewers at home, can tell me whether these elements are working or not. I can preview my performance, check my volume and basic visuals but the sing-a-long won't be recorded for me to watch later so I can't fine-tune without your help. Please help! I want to bring the fun of our Brooklyn sing-a-longs to fans who have moved to other states, other countries, and drastically different time zones.