Friday, September 12, 2014

Help me make a grown-up musical

Yesterday my friend Roy Nathanson and I launched a Kickstarter for a musical we've been working on for over two years. It's called Trashed Out and will feature his longtime band, the legendary Jazz Passengers. Inspired by and adapted from Paul Reyes' incredible nonfiction book, Exiles in Eden, Trashed Out is a musical about the housing crisis in Florida and the people who lived through it (and are still living through it).

Trashed Out was chosen for a fall residency at BRIC. Best known for putting on the Celebrate Brooklyn concerts in Prospect Park, BRIC also has a newly-renovated space near BAM where they support artists developing new projects. In late October and early November we'll have 10 days to workshop the show culminating in two intimate work-in-progress performances on Nov. 7th and 8th. We have to do a Kickstarter to make this residency happen. We need money to pay musicians and actors, to fund the creation of video projections that are essential to the show, to build props, and to buy a lot of smaller necessities.

Please watch our video (we spent a lot of time on it) and read about our project here. Donate what you can. We have a lot of cool rewards: CDs, posters, two different meet-the-Passengers soirees, and of course tix to the show.

- Lloyd

CLICK HERE to visit our Kickstarter for Trashed Out

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