Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Saturday: "Songs of Sandy & the Sea"

Don't miss "Songs of Sandy & the Sea," the December installment of Sing Back, Brooklyn! It's this Saturday, December 7th at 3pm.

Sing Back, Brooklyn! is my monthly sing-a-long variety show at the Brooklyn Historical Society. Every show is themed to their collection. The BHS has a growing exhibit about Hurricane Sandy so I decided to make a show exploring Brooklyn's experience of the storm as well as celebrating the rich maritime history of our borough. I'll be singing my own nautically-inclined songs (yes, of course the Henry Hudson one will be among them), some classic sea tunes, and a brand-new crowd-sourced song about Sandy

I've got quite a roster of guests for this show:

Amelia Robinson -- mastermind of the musical phenomenon, Mil's Trills

Leah Umansky-- NYC poet and frequent collaborator with Underwater New York

Justin Wood -- circus performer, concertina player, sea shanty singer

Andrew Vladeck-- acclaimed NYC singer-songwriter / AKA Hopalong Andrew of local sing-a-long fame

and some surprises...

More specifics on my calendar.

See you there!


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