Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why there's no Knitting Factory sing-a-long today

The Knitting Factory has long been very generous in letting us use their space for weekly sing-a-longs. Sometimes, however, they cancel the sing-a-longs due to the film shoots, rentals, music festivals, and other things that take precedence over our events.

This week I only found out the sing-a-long couldn't happen on Monday. I tried to find an appropriate alternate venue but was unsuccessful.

This is obviously far from ideal and unfair to you, parents and caregivers, who come out every week to these events. I've just been unable to find another venue that can handle the crowds the sing-a-longs draw. If you have suggestions, I'm very interested. I have a very busy schedule of performing and teaching and so exploring Williamsburg on foot in search of a new spot is nearly impossible for me right now. I'd really appreciate any leads you might have -- especially if they include a personal connection to a particular venue that could help us work out a new home for the sing-a-long.

Friday's sing-a-long with Ari Brand and next Wednesday (w/ me) and Friday (w/ Ari) are on as usual.

e-mail: thedeedledeedledees AT yahoo DOT com

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