Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Park Slope singalong at 10am Thursday, Oct 14

Hi everyone,
We're going to try having the Tea Lounge singalong at 10am tomorrow (10/14).

The Tea Lounge doesn't want us to do the event at 11 anymore -- I think it's getting too big and they're upset that very few people buy any food or drink.

I definitely want to keep the singalong going. Here are some ideas that I and some other people have suggested (let me know if you have more):

- We might permanently change the time to 10 (if this seems to work)
- We might change the venue (Any ideas for a new singalong location that can handle the huge crowd? In winter, as you probably know, these crowds get even bigger).
- The Tea Lounge might start asking for a $5 admission per family.


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